We are BotLab

Welcome to Botlab. Are you looking for an IT company that is keen to your needs? You’ve found home. We offer a broad spectrum of services outlined below.

Technical Support Outsourcing: Outsourcing your tech needs has never been easier. We manage call centers, provide full time, and inhouse tech support services to organizations ranging from Large institutions to SMEs akin to adopting and keeping up with ever changing technology needs.

API Integration: Integration doesn’t have to stress you. We are vastly experienced in Integrating businesses with M-Pesa Daraja APIs. Enjoy great benefits from integrating your business. Click here to Learn more on Mpesa Integration.

Training: We are great at curating and offering bespoke training for your teams or as an SME. We have worked with both local and international companies to create content, offer training both virtually and online to multitudes of audiences. Over 4000 plus have learnt from us.