A transformative approach using GIS

A transformative approach using GIS

March 28th, 2019 we held the first-ever Geographic Information System(GIS) talk at the Marist Research Centre which is located in Karen, Nairobi. GIS is a system that stores, manages, analyzes and disseminates information that contains geographic data.

The speaker, Mr. Victor Wahome is the Founder of Aegir Consult and a location intelligence expert with over 6 years’ experience in G.I.S enterprise resourcing. He has wide-reaching industry experience having worked for more than a dozen organizations in 3 countries. He is passionate about Geo-informatics, enterprise systems, data science, maps and how all these melds together to enhance modern business.

The talk commenced with an Introduction to Geographic Information systems which was led by our speaker. After the introduction, he gave us a much more in-depth talk on the arrival of the Internet and other private actors, such as the democratization of maps with Google Maps as well as the awakening of the Internet of Things and the popularity of smartphones, which have been the last steps taken in the history of GIS solutions until we reach the point where we are currently. In addition, the development of GIS has also opened a multitude of opportunities for research and teaching across a wide variety of academic disciplines. The speaker introduced one of his colleagues who works for The Kenya Medical Research Institute to give insights on how they use GIS to do research work in the health sector. Through this, the participants were able to understand the importance of spatial data and how it has become almost a necessity for a company that wants to keep up. By the end of the event, the participants had learned a lot from the industry experts on how they can leverage GIS in research and development.

Vote of thanksThis event wouldn’t have been possible without the speaker Victor Wahome. I’d also like to say a special thanks to the Research plus team for capturing photos of the event.

Who attended?

50 participants in total attended the talk

Breakdown by gender

67% – Male

33% – Female

Finally, thank you to the following sponsors that helped make the event a reality – Marist Research Centre, Research plus, Research Round-Up, Marist International University & Botlab Limited.