Technical Support Outsourcing

With the increased automation and digital transformation in many organizations including SMEs, many niche focused organizations are bogged with hiring and maintaining tech talent and tasks.

Botlab has a Technical Support Outsourcing department offering bespoke services in

  • Hiring and managing technology-oriented support teams for organisations
  • Providing and managing support divisions of technology companies
  • Bespoke trainings
  • Technical documentation of technology-based products for different audiences such as technology teams, users, operational teams etc.
  • Project management and technology consulting
  • API Documentation
  • Technical aligned custom-made audiences’ events.

Why Botlab?

  • We Deliver our services above and beyond
  • We commit to being customer centric and data aligned
  • Leadership team has had vast experience in tech support in large organizations in Kenya and in the US.
  • Passionate about customer centrism


We have worked with the following:

  • JoyLink Contractors where we offered Network installation, cabling, Fiber configurations, support and maintenance for end user clients all over the country.
  • WomenWork on a Mastercard Funded Project (COVID 19 SME Loans) where we created flexible teams working around, call center responsibilities, Leads management, Loan reviews and verifications of over 50K applications and disbursements of OVER Ksh. I billion.
  • Industrial Strength Email and cloud, We support their platforms and SMEs who rely on their technology based services. We provide 24/7 support to the various establishments working with them. We have helped them manage their Uptime support SLA KPI of 99%
  • Among Many others

We are vast experienced in building and scaling specialized niche Technical support teams, or tiered up support teams catering to a multitude of audiences in B2B or B2C.

Would you like to explore this for your team? Do talk to us.