SMEs Masterclass

For many SMEs, running their business on Information Communications Technology (ICT) is an essential part of daily operations. But some are still unsure of how or where to integrate technology into their businesses. Many are still trying to understand how they can leverage technology to complemnt their business processes and enhance sales. We as Botlab, have events and resources that can be useful to kickstart your journey of understnding how technology is useful for your SME.

We aim to train 1000 representatives of SMEs in over 10 sessions planned sessions. We have so far collaborated/partnered with Shetrades, Safaricom, Cisco, Oracle, Palo Alto networks, Techminds among others. We continue to work with partners and sponsors to ensure the sessions are affordable to the business owners.

How To Get Hacked: Business Ways to Prevent It

Have you ever thought that you could make a fraudulent payment to a fraudster? Or your business presence online could be stolen by a hacker? Do you know someone could be learning about your business without you knowing of their existence? Don’t fret.

Session was hosted by  Oracle ( Elly Mathenge and Jewel Kimotho), Our speakers were Lewis Miriti, Regional Sales at Palo Alto technologies (All techies reading better get on to reading about their cyber security offerings, and call him), Hazel Gachoka, 1st CCIE in Kenya and the CEO of Techminds (They were among the first firm to be a local technical partner for Cyber security systems as implementers and resellers. Better call them for your Cyber security needs) Micheal Muite, Information Security Professional and Cloud Domain consultant at Oracle, Pharace Moraa, Principal Cyber Security Assurance Engineer, at Safaricom, Mbatha – Digital Forensics Expert at Directorate of Criminal investigation (DCI).

The aim of the session was to help you understand what risks could trigger your business as you embrace technology, how to mitigate and how to create a culture of cyber security awareness in your business. One can read the recap here

Boost or Nauh: How to Drive Sales on Social Media

This session was driven by the need of most businesses going online, what can they do to grow their business. We talked about content, what drives engagement, when to advertise, what freemium tools to use. It was very informative to businesses that are struggling to convert online.

In this session, we hosted Achieng Butler, CEO of Digital Odyssey, Millicent Muigai, Sale and product lead at Mums Village, Chef Raphael, CEO of Chef Raphael Kitchens, and Tecla Mutune, Owner and Creative director- Teckla Fashions. The location, was CISCO Edge lab, thank you to the MVP, Sally Kimeu, GM Cisco, and Koda Mlingo, CISCO.

Consider it Handled; Your business Guide to Data Protection and GDPR in Kenya

What kind of data are you collecting from your clients? How are you using this data? Do you know your clients are protected by the Data protection act 2019 and GDPR? They could sue your Small business that is already battling to survive in this economy. We understand that legal teams are expensive, there is no excuse to not comply. 4% of your gross income as a payout under GDPR, or Ksh. 5M / 1% of annual turnover, could kill your business. This session expounded on that.

Our Panelists were; Rosemary Koech, Head of Public policy at Oxygene Marketing communications Limited, Juliet Maina head of Advocacy and regulatory Manager, M4D, GSMA, Grace Githaiga, Convenor at KICTANet.