Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

– What happens if I don’t have a till number?

One can apply for a till number at a Safaricom shop, through merchants that provide this service and through select banks. You can also apply by filling in a form found on this site .

– I have a till number but was not given access to MPESA Portal. How do I go about this?

Send an email to [email protected] and request for access.

– Who is eligible for integration?

Any business is eligible. Your business requires to have a paybill or till number, stable internet connection and a system (P.O.S., E-commerce etc.).

– I do not have internet in my establishment. Does that mean I cannot get integrated?

Internet is compulsory. This is because it is needed for communication that goes on between your system and MPESA for proper functioning of the APIs.

– I have hear about till numbers and store numbers. What is the difference and which one do I need in order to get integrated?

In order to integrate, you cannot only use a till. A till is like a small child. You can give a small child money but they cannot store it. This is where the store number comes in. As the name suggests, it is used to store your money and also to log in to MPESA Portal.

– How will I know which API is the perfect fit for my business?

Botlab will collaborate with your tech team to understand your system and present you with a proper diagnosis.

– Is there a difference between C2B and Lipa na MPESA?

Lipa na MPESA is a Customer to Business transaction but in this case, the initiator of the transaction is the business instead of the customer. The merchant captures the customer’s details and initiates the transaction on their behalf.

– I do not have admin access to my POS. What do I do?

Kindly get in touch with the company that sold you the system and request for this access.

– How long will it take for my system to be integrated?

This is dependent on the complexity of your system. This also determines the amount of money that you will pay us for the service.

– Can I use mobile internet or do I have to use Wi-Fi?

It is possible to use mobile internet but this does not make financial sense due to the cost involved in acquiring a dedicated I.P.  And this also means that your system has to periodically query the master Database which will cause delays on your side and eventually overload your system.

Mpesa Integration

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