About Botlab

Botlab is a software accelerator based in Kenya that conducts bespoke executive trainings in Data Science and Cyber Security to business leaders.

We offer tailored Data Science solutions as a service to clients such as; Data Storytelling, Data Protection and Privacy, Analytics and Integrations with the aim of scaling the Machine Learning and AI uptake in Africa.
We aim at accelerating the uptake of technology in African organizations by empowering business leaders with precise, detailed and global practices that can catapult the digitization of the firms.
We are part of Cisco Edge Program, Shetrades by ITC and UKAID, Safaricom WIB listed firms in data science and business intelligence solutions.
Botlab has represented Kenya in the biggest Asian conference and exhibition – Japan IT week, 2019 – Big Data and Cloud Computing.

Our Partners & Clients

We have been fortunate enough to work with a vast pool of clients. Through them we have achieved major milestones in our journey and we keep adding to the list. These are some of the clients that we have worked with and that we continue to work with.